Stork Plus

STORK PLUS Company has built up its business on the love to children.
The target of the Company is creating high-quality, natural, and famous drinks for the smallest consumers.
We love our children and use only high-quality and natural ingredients!

Storck-Plus Company offers a variety of super-popular products.

Its assortment includes children’s drinks and confectionery products, produced under the brand of Fixiki and Barboskiny. The heroes of the same name cartoons speak 15 languages nowadays, they are known in 85 countries of the world, and branded juices and sweets with their images are already in high demand in Russia and CIS countries.


Considering the high status of cartoons, brand owners have decided to create food products to match them – of the same high quality, natural origin and domestic production. Today the Stork-Plus portfolio includes juice-containing drinks and nectars in glass containers under the TM Fixiki and Barboskiny, which puree and juice shares reach 50% and 10% respectively, spring water FixiVoda and fizzy lemonades Fixiki with various tastes in the pet containers, bread sticks FixiStick, candies and chewing marmalade Fixiki, as well as other sweets with images from the other equally famous cartoon series as Magadaskar, Transformers and Little Pony.

Dessert drinks

Лимонады «Барбоскины»

Lemonade «Barboskiny»

Нектары «Барбоскины»

Nectars «Barboskiny»

Сокосодержащие напитки «Фиксики»

Juice-containing drinks

Лимонады «Фиксики»


Nectars "Fixiki"

Apple, Apple-Blueberry, Apple-Banana,
Multi-fruit, Apple-Peach

Нектары «Фиксики»


Вода «Фиксики»


Nectars "Leo & Tiger"
0,5 Lit

Cherry, Apple
and Multi fruit

Nectars "MI-MI-Mishki"

Apple, Crimson -Cranberry,
Dried fruits compote

Children's champagne

"Fixiki", "Skazechne Patrol"
"Leo and Tiger"



Батончик шоколадный

Chocolate bar

Жевательные конфеты

chewing candies

Хлебные палочки с пастой шоколадная малиновая и карамельная

Bread sticks
with chocolate

Зефирный твистер

Ethereal Twister

Зефирный твистер

Ethereal Twister



Сахарная пудра с шипучкой и татуировкой

Sugar powder with tattoo

Драже сахаристое с 3D пазлом «Ведьмины байки»

3D Colorful button-shaped

Cherry, Apple
& Multi fruit

Corn sticks
In powdered sugar

With toy inside

Corn sticks
"Leo and Tiger"

Popcorn "Leo and Tiger"

With a taste of caramel




Milk Chocolate

Milk Chocolate
«Little Pony»

Brand New Year's gift